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On Friday , March 5 the 2016 Travel and Tourism Diploma class will be touring a cruise ship docked at Port Chalmers.

While cruise ships provide the means by which different destinations are visited, they also give tourists the choice of disembarking at the port of call for a visit, or staying onboard to enjoy the ships, attractions, amenities and ease of accessibility. Indeed not only are companies putting together a variety of destinations in New Zealand but destinations themselves are offering a greater choice of attractions

Activity – identify attractions cruise ship passengers can sample in Dunedin

Harmony of the Seas – the largest cruise ship in the world due out May this year. In the meantime we have the Norwegian Escape to tour.

Cruise ships can have major environmental and economic impacts at an international, national and local level.  Check out this ongoing issue for  Alaska .

Some  points from the 2015-2015  Cruise NZ Economic Impact Survey (link above):

  • Cruise is the fastest growing segment of tourism
  • If cruise were a country it would have the third biggest origin of visitors to NZ?
  • That NZ’s cruise industry has grown by five times over the last ten years?
  • The ships that are being built now are for 4000+ people, at least  343 metres long and 168k tonnes?
  • That approximately 8% of Dunedin’s visitors are off cruise ships?
  • The estimated $40 million Dunedin cruise spend affects all businesses. This flows on when visitor facing   businesses spend money on buildings, accountants, employment, ICT etc. Worth thinking about how the total tourism  $205GDP affects your business? Of each $1 the average visitor spends 36c is retail, 12% fuel and automotive, 13% accommodation, 19% Food and beverage, 9% transport, 11% tourism products




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For my six week challenge I have planted myself a vegetable garden so I can grow my own vegetables. By growing my own food i can be sure of what I’m using to grow it and using little to no fuel for shipping. It will also save me money and give me fresh tasty organic vegetables right in my back yard. I have planted lettuce, chives radishes, broccoli, silverbeat, spring onions, eggplant, courgettes and corn. image

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I thought for my six week challenge I will go dairy free. I am already Gluten free and a couple of dairy products free but I thought I would challenge myself and give dairy a complete miss to see what difference this makes to my health and to discover what impacts this will have on the environment. After a little research I was still quite surprised as what the environmental effects are from the milk we drink. Choosing the most sustainable milk is about far more than choosing organic or non – organic, by going dairy free I will be helping in reducing the dairy industries carbon footprint. I will commence my six week challenge on Monday 29th February and will update my blog post weekly.


Week 1
This week wasn’t a very good start to my six week challenge. At the beginning of the week I started eating potato chips and once I finished I realised that they have dairy in them, I never realised how much food actually has got dairy or dairy related ingredients in them. I have now become more cautious and am reading all the labels and ingrediants much more carefully to prevent this from happening again.


Week 2
This week I had a much better week, I was more attentive to what I was eating and have even been branching out and trying new dairy free products that I have not had before. Good so far have not had any health issues and enjoying trying new recipes.


Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 8.44.07 pm

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6 week challenge

My 6 week challenge to reduce my carbon footprint is to use the shower only as long as I need it so I do not waste the hot water as well as to reduce power consumption (Heating water and using the light and heater in the bathroom)

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Sustainable tourism.

Teton County, comprised of Jackson Hole.

(goeatgive.com 2012)

Teton County is one of the most beautiful places on earth, its  stunning vistas and prestigious wildlife   makes this location something worth maintaining. Teton is county is a place with a lot to offer, its  adventurous landscapes , low-lying valleys which situate through rivers  are a  good place for beavers  and other fur-bearing animals  to live in. (Wikipedia Jackson hole,2016) This environment makes wildlife watching  easy, imagine being surrounded by graceful  elk, deer, and many other small mammals as you vacate through Jackson.Through my research i found out how organizations like The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Green Team  have created ways that visitors and residents can  work together to protect and sustain this terrain which will make the experience of Teton county  authentic and treasured for visitors and residents. ( Jackson Hole Chamber: Sustainable Tourism n.d) Because in reality it takes  all of us together to ensure sustainability.


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(Mount Huangshan (China) 01/01/2004, UNESCO)

Mount Huangshan

 Known as ‘the loveliest mountain of China’ this  natural wonder is a place renowned for its  breath taking  scenery, tapped hot spring and its oddly-shaped rocks  which appear  out of a sea of clouds .Mount Huangshan  has a vast and  stunning landscape which allows   visitors to  journeys into a place of natural beauty and wonders. Mount Huangshan is one of the most popular scenic landscapes in China, with annual visitation at 2.74 million (UNESCO-Mount Huangshan, 2016) with the amount of people that visit each year its essential that theirs a balance of conservation to ensure the safeguarding of the scenic area. With its rich blossom, thick grass, flourishing azalea, and crystal streams it’s very clear fitting why this magnificent place should be maintained properly. Raising the conservation management standards helps control the amount of negligent acts by tourists which can put the environment and its wildlife at risk. In the link here is a great body of work on Mount Huangshan which outlines sustainability.


“Mount Huangshan.” – UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Web. 24 Feb. 2016.

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“Huangshan Attractions.” China Highlights. Web. 24 Feb. 2016.

Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation. Web. 24 Feb. 2016.


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Emily’s 6 Week Challenge 

From the 29th of February I will be participating in a 6 week challenge to reduce my carbon footprint, by not eating red meat. Reasons behind this decision is because the production of red meat has many negative environmental impacts which affects the natural landscape of New Zealand and many other countries throughout the world. Livestock which includes poultry and red meat highly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions at approximately 14.5%. Livestock also pollutes waters such as streams and natural habitats with impacts including increased temperatures and the increase of phosphates and nitrates in these waters. Throughout these 6 weeks I intend to explore the challenges of not eating red meat, and what other options I could permanently use for sources of iron to ensure a reduced carbon footprint.

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7699878874_803e3b9f96_nPlease ensure when you are posting your weblog activity assessments to the blog that you use the “category” option of “Assessment”. This will always appear on the left of your blog posting.

Don’t forget to email me your post first. This is to ensure that your work is recorded as received.

I have attached “Assessment 1” for you to start and the Weblog Activity Marking Rubric which supports this. We will go over this in class but you must ensure you record this information and in particular the dates.

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