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Coronet Peak is a commercial ski field located in Queenstown, New Zealand, on the southern slopes of the metre peak. (WikipedCoronet_M0C4262ia, 2016)

Qualmark has recognised Coronet Peak with the Enviro Award Gold, which means they exceed the highest levels of environmental and social responsibilities and have a strong leadership and advocacy. (NZ Ski Limited, 2016)

Coronet Peak is operated by NZSki and their sustainability visions are to:

  • Provide exceptional recreational opportunities for guests and employees while having the highest care of protecting the environment and stewardship of the company.
  • Work in conjunction with their suppliers and local government officials to conserve, recycle, reuse and utilise renewable resources in daily operations and plan.
  • Focus on responsible future growth within the community to assure protection of their natural resources for future generations. (NZ Ski Limited, 2016)

Sustainable Slopes provides ski areas a structure on sustainability and enhanced environmental performances. NZ Ski’s main focuses at Coronet Peak are snow guns and fencing, energy usage and climate change factors. (NZ Ski Limited,2016)

NZSki provides sustainable practices in their ski field by employing the best practiced snowmaking, snow grooming and snow farming procedures prior and throughout the season. Winch cats are used where possible to ensure their snow grooming is commenced in an environmentally sensitive way.  Their snow tower mounted snow guns increase efficiency by 35% by using the same volume of water. They also use snow farming to maximum the amount of snow during storms especially on the Summit where it can be re-distributed to high-traffic areas.

All developments are run through NZSki Resort Management and the Board. The resort must follow a five-star energy rating or it will be not approved by their directive. Coronet Peak provides a list of energy saving tips to encourage customers to use less energy while visiting the resort. This will ensure the resort will stay an energy-efficient destination for tourists. (NZ Ski Limited, 2016)

The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), climate modelling shows seasonal snow levels at New Zealand ski areas will be reduced by the effects of climate change in the approaching years. Coronet Peak has been using new, less-polluting technologies and conserving energy, so they can continue making snow, even under extreme climate change scenarios. This technology can ensure their ski fields at Coronet Peak are sustainable and will continue to exist for future generations to enjoy. (NZ Ski Limited, 2016)



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4 Nature Tours

4 Nature Tours

4 Nature Tours is a Qualmark certified business that specialises in small personalised guided nature group tours around the Dunedin area including the Otago Harbour, coastline and beaches, and the captivating Eco-Sanctuary. Some of the tours they offer are, Wildlife, Dunedin City and Scenic Highlights Tour, Yellow Eyed Penguins and Moeraki Boulders Tour, Organ Pipes, Orokonui Ecosanctuary, Sea Caves and Wetlands Walking Tour and the Orokonui Ecosanctuary, Scenic Coastline and Wetlands Strolling Tour as well as many others. 4 Nature Tours hold two Qualmark assurances, the gold environment award and the endorsed activity award as well as being Department of Conservation approved.

Sustainable practices and initiatives used by the business to meet their certifications include the majority of their full day nature tours being on foot, by doing this 4 Nature Tours are reducing their carbon footprint from vehicle travel. Additionally they only use 100% renewable energy on all of their sites, by doing this practice they are the protecting the environment and preserving scarce resources and saving energy, they also use power and water saving devices in their offices to help sustain these valuable resources. 4 Nature Tours also collect rain water, process all of their grey water on site and use eco-friendly cleaning products and in order to reduce possible contamination of their water ways . As well as planted over 120 native trees and bushes to help the surrounding environment on their sites and reduce, reuse and recycle all possible rubbish when possible to help reduce landfill waste. 4 Nature Tours also raise awareness of New Zealand’s unique flora and fauna and the threats that it faces as well as teaching its customers practices they could use at home to sustain a healthy natural environment.

4 Nature Tours small group encounters with nature amongst Dunedin’s stunning scenery with their knowledgeable local guide. Combined with learning about the local environment and wildlife, 4 Nature Tours are committed to providing a genuine Eco tour (4 Nature Tours, 2016).


4 Nature Tours, (2016). Information. Retrieved from http://www.4nature.co.nz/information.html

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Black Cat Cruises

Black Cat Cruises is a sustainably certified tourism operator succeeding in Lyttleton and Akaroa New Zealand. Black Cat Cruises offers day and overnight cruises, snorkelling, kayaking and island walks in the Christchurch region (About Black Cat Cruises, n.d a). Black Cat Cruises has been awarded an Enviro Gold Award by Qualmark; an accredited quality assurance organisation of New Zealand. (Home, n.d)This represents that Black Cat Cruises has met Qualmark’s certification criteria through the adaptation of sustainable practises throughout their business.

The implementation of sustainable practises of 1985 saw Black Cat Cruises becoming New Zealand’s first eco-tourism operator. Therefore establishing their values through focusing on respect for the environment, as it is essential to ensure their future (Black Cat Cruises, n.d b). Five key components of Qualmark’s Certification includes energy efficiency, waste management, water consumption, preservation and community these sustainable practises have been enforced throughout Black Cat Cruises, for that reason they have met Qualmark’s certification (Getting your Qualmark, n.d).

Although Black Cat Cruises operates eight vessels they have become more energy efficient through reducing the average age of their engines, regular vessel maintenance and commencing the latest technology combined with appropriate speeds to ensure efficient fuel and energy consumption (Black Cat and The Environment, n.d a). In attempt to reduce their carbon footprint Black Cat Cruises has tight waste management strategies which include minimal use of non-recyclable materials, recycling boarding passes and the use of eco-friendly paper when printing (Black Cat and The Environment, n.d b).

Black Cat Cruises focuses on their water consumption when operating mandatory staff training and water management programmes. For their success Black Cat Cruises requires the participation of their customers, this includes the use of dry suits and encouraging short showers (Black Cat and The Environment, n.d c). Black Cat Cruises follows the Marine Mammal Protection Act 1978 and the Marine Mammal Protections Regulations 1992 while facilitating the protection of Hector Dolphins and White Flipped Penguins. Their efforts safeguard the preservation of these mammals and the natural surrounding environment (Black Cat and The Environment, n.d d).

Not only do the sustainable practises enforced by Black Cat Cruises benefit the environment, it has also seen many positive impacts for the local community. Black Cat Cruises has provided resources to education and research programmes. A portion of each fare sold is given to community projects, donating over $70,000 annually. When accessible Black Cat Cruises utilises local products, employs local people but also sponsors the annual Sea Week Event and participating with Quail Island’s tree planting project (Black Cat and The Environment, n.d e).

Black Cat Cruises is undoubtedly a successful sustainably certified tourism operator. With the implementation of sustainable practises such as improving energy efficiency, adopting waste management strategies and restricting water consumption Black Cat Cruises has met Qualmark’s certification criteria. Black Cat Cruises is highly deserving of their Enviro Gold Award with their impressive preservation strategies, while also progressing the local community.

Emily Mathieson


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The Great Ponsonby Art Hotel is a small Bed and Breakfast style hotel located in Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand. The hotel has a range of accommodation options including, courtyard studios, villas, garden studios and penthouse suites. This small hotel is known for its legendary breakfast and great location, with Ponsonby’s vibrant cafes, restaurants and art galleries just a short walk down the road. (The Great Ponsonby Bed & Breakfast, A Small Hotel, 2016). The owners, Gerry and Sally, pride themselves on their commitment to operating a sustainable business, they state that: ‘’We are passionate about sustainability and work actively within our industry with Heritage & Character Inns and with the Tourism Association of New Zealand to define and implement the necessary conditions for promoting sustainable tourism’’ (Sustainability, 2016)

The Great Ponsonby Art hotel has won several awards, including a certificate in excellence by TripAdvisor, they are the first and only accommodation listing for Auckland in Lonely Planet’s Greendex, they also have a four star rating and gold status enviro award under the Qualmark umbrella. (The Great Ponsonby Bed & Breakfast, A Small Hotel, 2016).  Qualmark are Tourism New Zealand’s official quality assurance organisation which provide a credible guide to tourism products within the New Zealand tourism industry. To obtain an Enviro Award tourism operators must meet specific requirements under Qualmarks’ Responsible Tourism Checklist. (Responisble Tourism Checklist, 2016)

The Great Ponsonby Art Hotel has a list of sustainable practises in which it incorporates into their daily business operation, an example of this is using eco products for laundry, guest amenities and for cleaning. (Sustainability, 2016) Under the section Pollution Prevention in the Responsible Tourism checklist, it outlines that the organisation must use non – toxic or low toxic cleaners, which it does. (Responisble Tourism Checklist, 2016)

The hotel also meets the criteria under sustainable design, with the checklist stating buildings must ‘’use sustainable building techniques and technologies’’ (Responisble Tourism Checklist, 2016). The hotel has met this criteria by insulating their building with wool inside the walls, ceiling and the underfloor reducing heating costs. They also put lots of thought into investigating the most eco-friendly ways to heat their property, determining that thermostat controlled under floor heating using natural gas was the most “environmentally effective”.  (Sustainability, 2016)

Another sustainable practise put in place by the hotel is by composting organic waste and fallen leaves, with the compost then being used for their herb garden and feijoa trees. (Sustainability, 2016). This practise allows them to meet requirements under the environmental responsibility section of the checklist and more specifically the compost organic waste section. (Responisble Tourism Checklist, 2016).

Where possible the hotel uses local contractors and buys local supplies (Sustainability, 2016) , allowing them to meet specific criteria within the community involvement section, showing that the hotel is consciously and continuously supporting local business and suppliers. (Responisble Tourism Checklist, 2016)

With these four examples plus many more practises which the Great Ponsonby Art Hotel incorporate into their business, it is no wonder the hotel has a gold status enviro award under Qualmark. The hotel is a great example of sustainability and it may even encourage other businesses to incorporate sustainable practises into their own.



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Great Barrier Reef

CaptureGreat Barrier Reef Funnel Model

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GB Reef

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The Great Barrier Reef Funnel Assignment: funnel
References are on a separate pdf: Great Barrier Reef references


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