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A sustainably certified tourism operation is Coronet Peak, Coronet Peak demonstrates three examples of how the operation has used sustainable practices within its operations, these are quite broad and cover what Coronet Peak has achieved as a sustainable ski-field.

  • Sustainable land use which includes the reservoirs and native vegetation.
  • Construction which is related to the natural landform.
  • New ways of reducing energy by limiting carbon emissions.

Qualmark has recognized Coronet Peak with the Enviro Gold award, which means Coronet Peak has exceeded the highest levels of environmental and social responsibilities and represents strong leadership and advocacy as a sustainable operation in New Zealand. (Sustainable Slopes, 2016).

The ski field continues to promote sustainable ways within there business but so far have achieved a lot as a seasonal business operation. They are still continuing to reach bigger goals of sustainable land use, appropriate sustainable land construction and new ways of reducing energy.

A few things that Coronet Peak have done over the years to show sustainable practices are:

Coronet Peak divert more than 50% of our solid waste from landfill, they use the recycling facilities in Queenstown, and donate our coffee grounds to the Queenstown Harvest Community Gardens to be recycled into fertilizer/compost.

Coronet Peak repurpose old materials to create park features and storage solutions.

But one of there main things they stand by is making snow from 95% recycled water. elsewhere. The snowmakers manage a fully automated snowmaking system, which enables us to reduce energy and water wastage. They also catch any snowmelt through the season and reuse it for snowmaking.

Coronet Peak saved approximately 10% of the building’s electricity usage over the 2013 season with the departments practicing a ‘switch it off’ campaign.

Since 2011, Coronet Peak has reduced fuel consumption by more than 60,000 litres by focusing on efficient operation of the  boilers and snow grooming fleet. They also minimize carbon emissions by back loading all garbage on freight truck’s ensuring that no load is wasted. (Sustainable Slopes, 2016)

Coronet Peak Ski Field is a leading company in the Queenstown Lakes Sustainable Business Programme with Tourism Industry Association which is something they stand by very proudly. (Sustainable Slopes, 2016)


Sustainable Slopes. (2016). Retrieved from NZ Ski: https://www.nzski.com/sustainable-slopes


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Bush and Beach is Auckland’s premier small group day tour sight seeing company. It is the winner of best small business in New Zealand. Qualmark who are an accredited quality assurance organisation in New Zealand have sustainably certified this business by giving it a Gold Enviro Award. Meaning that it has exceeded the highest level of environmental and social responsibilities. Representing strong leadership and advocacy within the industry (Qualmark, 2016). There are five tours included, the Wilderness Experience, Best of Both Worlds Tour, Coast and Rainforest Walk, Coromandel Day Tour and Great Barrier Island Day Tour (Bush and Beach, 2012a). Bush and Beach tend to market and promote honestly and accurately. This evidence is backed through the website of Tripadvisor (Bush and Beach, 2012b). Tripadvisor contains multiple reviews proposing how excellent this business is. Visitor ratings go from 290 people saying it is excellent, 33 very good, 6 average, 0 poor and 1 terrible (Tripadvisor New Zealand, 2016).

The certification has been met through a range of different eco principles they follow. The company contains many principles such as nature area focus, environmental sustainability practice, cultural respect, customer satisfaction and responsible marketing. However, three examples that stand out are interpretation, contribution to conservation and benefiting local communities. Bush and Beach believe it is extremely important to ensure they are a sustainable tourism business. Each tour within the business has been created to allow people to explore the natural beauty in a sustainable way, minimising any negative effects on the environment.

Visitors are able to explore the beauty of unique flora and fauna located in the Auckland region. Provide the opportunity to understand, appreciate and enjoy the environment. Guides within the business have a passion for the environment; therefore they acknowledge and respect cultures within the area. They are also very eager to share their knowledge and visions about conservation to visitors.

The next example is contribution to conservation. Bush and Beach show this successfully through contributing to natural areas, for example Art in the Park. This is to help limit the amount of pest within the rainforest; so native animals can continue to be protected within their environment. Not only that, they also sponsor noxious weed bins to reduce regeneration and spread in the local community. This enhances the development of native plants, maintains the destination making sure it is presentable and up to standards for visitors (Bush and Beach, 2012b).

Benefiting the local communities has also contributed to their success. Bush and Beach Tours and the Karekare community support each other when it comes to their activities and promoting them to the public. For over 30 years people have been able to enjoy Karekare’s natural beauty. Bush and Beach Managing Director Ben Thorton suggested that this would not have been completed without the support of the local surf club and school (Auckland.Scoop, 2015). Most years Bush and Beach Tours will get behind the Karekare beach race, helping out by donating prizes for fundraisers in order to support the local schools and the community (Bush and Beach, 2012b).

Bush and Beach Tours are definitely considered a highly recommended tourism destination by ensuring they are a sustainably certified tourism operator. Incorporating eco-principles into their business justifies why they were awarded the Enviro Gold Award and best small business in New Zealand (Qualmark, 2016).

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.22.25 am
Photo Retrieved from http://www.tourismexportcouncil.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Enviro-Gold-Award.jpg


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Bush and Beach

Bush and Beach is an eco-tour and sightseeing company that is based in the Auckland Region and North Island of New Zealand, they have won many awards including awards for sustainability. They have two awards from Qualmark including Best Small Tourism Business in New Zealand and the Gold Enviro Award. They have also won the Tourism Award at the Waitakere Business Awards five times. They have many tours including tours of Auckland’s coastal rainforest, The Hobbiton Movie Set, and the black sand beaches on the west coast, Coromandal Peninsula and Great Barrier Island. Bush and Beach base their company’s tours around the beautiful natural environment and because of that they practice sustainably, three practices they are involved in include getting rid of pests in the rainforest, sponsoring poisonous weed bins and benefiting the local community (About Us, 2012).

Bush and Beach have the Gold Enviro Award which means they have gone above and beyond the highest levels of environmental and social responsibilities, Enviro Awards are given to businesses that are recognised for sustainable tourism practices (Quality Experiences, 2016). Bush and Beach are also exceeding customer expectations which is shown through their five star rating on Trip Advisor, this shows that they are living up to the standards of the awards that they have earned (Trip Advisor, 2016).

Bush and Beach provide a nature focused experience for visitors and gives them the bird.jpgopportunity to experience nature up close. Bush and Beach sponsor Ark in the Park which is a partnership between Forest and Bird and the Auckland Council, they do this to contribute to conservation and help get rid of pests in the rainforest (Ark in the Park, 2016). Bush and Beach also sponsor poisonous weed bins within the local community in order to prevent weeds from spreading and growing back. This is sustainable because they are helping eliminate pests and weeds which is environmentally friendly.

They also benefit the local community by sponsoring events like the Karekare Beach Races which supports the local school and surf club, they also donate prizes to the local school and fundraise to support the local community (Eco Principles, 2012). This is sustainable because they are contributing to the local economy by sponsoring these events and are also fulfilling the needs of the local community. These are only three of the sustainable practices that Bush and Beach are involved in, they have many more practices which help the environment, culture and community that they operate in.



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Coronet Peak is a commercial ski field located in Queenstown, New Zealand, on the southern slopes of the metre peak. (WikipedCoronet_M0C4262ia, 2016)

Qualmark has recognised Coronet Peak with the Enviro Award Gold, which means they exceed the highest levels of environmental and social responsibilities and have a strong leadership and advocacy. (NZ Ski Limited, 2016)

Coronet Peak is operated by NZSki and their sustainability visions are to:

  • Provide exceptional recreational opportunities for guests and employees while having the highest care of protecting the environment and stewardship of the company.
  • Work in conjunction with their suppliers and local government officials to conserve, recycle, reuse and utilise renewable resources in daily operations and plan.
  • Focus on responsible future growth within the community to assure protection of their natural resources for future generations. (NZ Ski Limited, 2016)

Sustainable Slopes provides ski areas a structure on sustainability and enhanced environmental performances. NZ Ski’s main focuses at Coronet Peak are snow guns and fencing, energy usage and climate change factors. (NZ Ski Limited,2016)

NZSki provides sustainable practices in their ski field by employing the best practiced snowmaking, snow grooming and snow farming procedures prior and throughout the season. Winch cats are used where possible to ensure their snow grooming is commenced in an environmentally sensitive way.  Their snow tower mounted snow guns increase efficiency by 35% by using the same volume of water. They also use snow farming to maximum the amount of snow during storms especially on the Summit where it can be re-distributed to high-traffic areas.

All developments are run through NZSki Resort Management and the Board. The resort must follow a five-star energy rating or it will be not approved by their directive. Coronet Peak provides a list of energy saving tips to encourage customers to use less energy while visiting the resort. This will ensure the resort will stay an energy-efficient destination for tourists. (NZ Ski Limited, 2016)

The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), climate modelling shows seasonal snow levels at New Zealand ski areas will be reduced by the effects of climate change in the approaching years. Coronet Peak has been using new, less-polluting technologies and conserving energy, so they can continue making snow, even under extreme climate change scenarios. This technology can ensure their ski fields at Coronet Peak are sustainable and will continue to exist for future generations to enjoy. (NZ Ski Limited, 2016)


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Great Barrier Reef

CaptureGreat Barrier Reef Funnel Model

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GB Reef

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The Great Barrier Reef Funnel Assignment: funnel
References are on a separate pdf: Great Barrier Reef references


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