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It is a beautiful island that is located in the North Island of New Zealand. Its population is of 939. It is the sixth largest island in New Zealand. The island is so beautiful for its walks around the forest to surfing the big waves at the local beaches and diving into the Great Barrier Reefs. My holiday there was well worth it. Spending the night under the stars up at one of the batches, hearing the waves coming in and out of the shore during the night to kayaking around the island exploring more of its beautiful nature. Someday soon I will like to take my family there too witness for themselves the beautiful island of Great Barrier.





My international place I will love to visit is Dubai, it is one of the top 3 places I will love to explore with my family. Dubai is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, its population is 2.459 million and about 85% of Dubai’s residents are foreigners.  It is known as one of the most expensive country in the world and an expensive city in the Middle East. It is well known for its skyscrapers and tall buildings especially it having the world’s tallest building called the Burj Khalifa which is 829.8 m. Dubai is very beautiful with many attractions and places to see from for an example, waterparks, wild life experiences, motor sports, karting, theme parks, cultural events, shopping and many more.

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Golden bay is a definite stand out as one of my favourite destinations in New Zealand, its diversity and picturesque appeal is something truly remarkable. Best known for its unbeatable summer weather, stunning landscapes and golden beaches this bay deserves its title as “a region with endless variety” (Golden Bay NZ – Home.) When I first went to the golden bay area  what really impressed me was the very slow but scenic road journey over Takaka Hill, known as Marble Mountain because “The marble rock is about 450 million years old and is quarried, along with limestone, near Ngarua Caves.” (Two Go Tiki Touring, 2014 )This top tourist destination is a is a shallow bay and located in the far north-western corner of the South Island, the farewell spit acts as a protection and is  New Zealand’s longest sand spit. “Stretching 26 km above sea level and another 6 km underwater” (Wiki/farewell spit, 2016). this place is ideal for relaxation,wide exploration and pleasure.  Above is  a picture i took 2 years ago while tanning at Kaiteriteri beach during the summer.


Croatia is a place I’ve always been interested in visiting, merely because of a  tourist that  i met  last year who  talked about Croatia in such high regard saying “its such an exciting place with  superb people and  endless potential” It’s an Eastern European country which coasts  on the Adriatic Sea its known as a place which blends tradition and history with beautiful coastlines and romantic cities. According to ( Independent Traveler.com. 2011, June). Croatia has long been a favorite destination for European vacationers because of its beauty, affordability and historic sites. which is fitting because the tourist that told me about this incredible place was German. With a land area of 56,691 square kilometers and  a population of about 4.29 million people (a travel guide. (2016) this croissant shaped country is like no other country and the link here will show you why its definitely a place you wanna jot down on the bucket list.I know i have.

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Cheer Up, Slow Down, Chill Out..

My favourite international destination is of course the one and only Byron Bay. Although I have never been there, it is has been my dream destination since I was younger. Where is a better place than somewhere with positive vibes and positive people? The beach, the beauty and the atmosphere would be incredible.

Byron Bay is beachside site located in the state of New South Wales in Australia. The location is 170km south of Brisbane and 800km north of Sydney. The climate in the summer reaches high temperatures (comfortable for some and not so comfortable for others) and in the winter it reaches to moderate mild temperatures (Byronbay.com, 2015).

Byron Bay has the perfect tourist destination with its atmosphere. The key attraction for this destination is the influence of it’s bohemian past. This therefore introduces a wide range of activities that will benefit your mental, emotional, psychical and spiritual side. This includes activities such as surfing, kayaking, yoga, retreats as well as whale and dolphin watching in their natural habitat (Trip Advisor New Zealand, 2016).

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 11.12.45 am

Photo Retrieved from https://parkmyvan.com.au/media/imagecontent/PMV_ByronBay_CapeByron.jpg


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My favourite national destination is close to home. Purakaunui is just a small drive out of Dunedin city centre. The beach is located between Long Beach and Doctors Point. Purakanui is a beautiful place filled with wildlife including birds, sea lions, seals and dolphins. I have been on plenty adventures throughout the years, but my ultimate favourite experience was surfing with dolphins there. To say that I have been in the water with dolphins for free is amazing. I advice everyone in this class to take an adventure to this beach and explore it’s surroundings because you will not be disappointed with the nature and it’s view.


The picture above shows my family and I out in Purkaunui. Photo was taken by my mum in January 2015.

Below I have posted a video of what Purakanui looks like.


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The Maldives is a tropical nation that is located in the Indian Ocean, south-southwest of India. Known for its beaches, blue lagoons and extensive reefs, the Maldives is composed of 26 coral atolls. Maldivians who are also referred to, as the Maldive Islanders are the ethnic group that are native to the historic land.

The climate provides warm, tropical weather all year round, even during the wet season the temperature averages around the high twenties and low thirties. Main attractions for tourists in the Maldives are the Grand Friday Mosque, Maldives fish market and the snorkling in the coral attols. I would like to go to the Maldive islands to see and experience their local culture and to also go snorkling in their amazing looking coral reefs.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 8.59.29 pm

(Google images, 2016)




Rotorua is located in the heart of the North Island, just 60km south of Tauranga. The main ethnic mix of people living in Rotorua is New Zealand European and Maori alongside with the many tourists that visit. Rotorua is located inland and is shelterd by the surrounding mountains to the south and east of the city. During the winter months June – August the temperature can drop below zero. The main attraction that is also unique to the Rotorua area is the Geo thermal areas that attracts tourists from New Zealand and overseas. I would like to go to Rotorua and see the thermal areas and experience the city because I have never been there before.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 9.02.11 pm

(Google images, 2016)



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The Eiffel Tower.

This destination is very popular, I have seen so many pictures from my friends whilst they stand in front of this beautiful attraction. The tower is named after a guy called Gustave Eiffel. This global icon when built in 1989 and is the tallest structure in Paris. It has become the most visited paid monument in the world!


Picture from:




Curio Bay- Catlins

This amazing destination is pretty much at my back door step and is always busy! I could go on with a list of things available for you there, from camping and site seeing to surfing and swimming with the dolphins but for me my favorite thing to do is out on my wet suit and go swimming with the dolphins. This destination is defiantly most popular for its wildlife! anywhere you walk your bound to see a seal laying about in the sun and if you look hard enough a dolphin playing about in the waves. If you head around to porpoise bay you can go and enjoy some bird and wild life watching to see all the amazing animals that Curio Bay has to offer you!


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International: Positano SA, Italy

Positano is the  most picturesque and photogenic town along the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Located 62km from the city of Napels. Its colorful houses range from the Bottom of the hill to right to the top. With little roads, only steep footpaths and roads they all veer off into small wisteria – draped hotels and small restaurants serving Italian cuisine. The whole town has a “Southern Italian holiday” feel to it. The fashionista history here is big, and the town was the first in Italy to import bikinis from France. There certainly is something special about the place, people say you’re living in a dream and only becomes a dream once you leave and this is reflected in the prices, which tend to be higher here than elsewhere along the Amalfi Coast. I have always wanted to visit the ancient country of Italy. The culture and history has always fascinated me and I love the fantastic views of the coast as well as the countryside. I have always found Italy and its small southern towns beautiful and it is on my bucket list to visit there.

(Lonely Planet 2016)

National: Hahei, Coromandel

Hahei is a beautiful beach town located in Mercury bay of the Coromandel Peninsula in the Waikato region between cooks beach and hot water beach. Just around the corner of ‘Cathedral Cove’ which is very popular for tourists. The first time I went there I instantly fell in love with the views, white sandy beaches and the friendly locals as well ans the holiday makers. The name of Hahei is derived from the Māori name for Mercury Bay, Te Whanganui a hei or “The Great Bay of Hei”. Hahei is a popular holiday destination, with a white sandy beaches and a safe sheltered swimming waters. The Town has around 300 permanent residents. but over the holiday seasons the number of people in town can rise 9 times the norm.

(Wikipedia Hahei 2015)



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A national tourist destination that I admire is Moeraki Boulders. The Moeraki Boulders are a group of spherical stones that are located on Koekohe Beach. The boulders were originally formed around 60 million years ago due to severe shoreline erosion. The destination is not only popular for international tourists but also locals. It’s a beautiful beach with spectatcular views and almost everyone that has been to Moeraki Boulders has a photo in a boulder to show!

An international tourist destination I would love to see is the Grand Canyon in the United States in the state of Arizona. The Grand canyon is carved by the Colorado River and is 277 miles long. it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in USA. Recent studies show that the origins of the canyon were beginning to be formed around 17 million years ago. The reason I find it so fascinating is because its just so different to anything else, there is nothing like it.

Below is a picture retrieved from:





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